For millennia, new vistas beckoned and wanderers answered the call, safeguarded by their Targe, a sturdy shield. When wanderlust strikes, today’s road warriors find comfort in knowing their vehicle windows are Targe protected.

Targe has its genesis in making pre-molded vehicle window kits from ClearPlex film ( - a clear, polyester laminated film invented to protect windshields from road debris. Targe’s president nurtured and grew ClearPlex from a start-up until he left to start Targe in early 2019. Targe’s pre-cut and molded ClearPlex film kits significantly simplify vehicle application.

Targe kit advantages:

  • The installation time is dramatically reduced, to about 30 minutes from as long as 1½ hours;
  • The film goes on easily the first time that it is put on;
  • There is little to no risk of damaging the film during the installation process;
  • The film is inspected during the process of making the pre-molded kit, eliminating the risk of receiving defective film.

Windshield GardTM and Grab GardTM are the two initial Targe vehicle protection product lines. Both are vehicle-specific custom made kits made from ClearPlex® protective film - the difference being the former is designed to protect windshields while the latter protects other vehicle windows against hazards like smash n grab robbery.

Another product initiative is ProtectionProTM produced logo embellished electronic device covers. More information is available on the Products tab.


We believe in providing value in our products and service to our customers. Contact us at and experience what it feels like to be Targe protected.