Mobile Device Protection and Personalization

Flaunt your spirit; Exhibit your zeal by applying the logo of your favorite organization to the back of your electronic devices.

Targe uses the internationally popular ProtectionProTM technology to give the owners of mobile devices the ability to put the logo of your favorite school, team, country, company or any other affiliation on the back of your phone, tablet or laptop computer. Targe is putting ProtectionPro machines at concerts, festivals and other events where consumers are likely to want to get a logo applied to the back of their mobile or electronic devices. Targe can make it possible for consumers to brandish your logo of choice on your electronic device, (see the below pictures of the logos created for the Mexican National Soccer team). That same methodology can be used to apply any logo to the backs of electronic devices.

Ask for Targe ProtectionPro technology where you purchase your favorite logo items.

Donation to Operation Underground Railroad (OUR):
Operation Underground Railroad,, is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from sex trafficking rings. Targe will make a donation for every logo sale to OUR.

Resilient and transparent, a very clear advantage for devices protected by Targe products.


More information about ClearPlex film can be found here: ClearPlex
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ProtectionPro screen and back customization short video

ProtectionPro reel