Products - Windshield Gard® and Grab Gard® 

Vehicle Glass Protection

Windshield Gard® products are vehicle-specific, pre-cut and molded kits from ClearPlex® film that protect windshields against road hazards such as flying rocks, blowing sand and other dangers. Windshield Gard kits are an easy-to-use product for automotive film installers to protect windshields.  

Grab Gard® products are vehicle-specific, pre-cut and molded kits from ClearPlex film to prevent the growing threat of smash n grab thefts. Grab Gard protects your valuables inside your car by making it almost impossible to break the glass on the side windows. Grab Gard is made to be easily installed on side windows. It also provides vehicle occupants with the best optical clarity and UV protection.

Windshield Gard and Grab Gard both use ClearPlex film, the world’s first and only product available worldwide that effectively protects vehicle glass from damage and breaking.

The ClearPlex laminate film is adapted for use in protecting an exterior surface of a vehicle window and is made of multiple layers - flexible substrate of polyester material (polyethylene terephthalate), flexible substrate comprised of polycarbonate material, flexible adhesive layer formed from an acrylic resin. The multiple layers of the laminate film make it shock absorbing and flexible to readily conform to curvature of an exterior surface of a vehicle window while retaining a consistent refractive index to be substantially optically transparent. It is used in more than 40 countries everyday to protect vehicle glass.

Because each Windshield Gard and Grab Gard kit is pre-molded, installation speed and accuracy are significantly improved - nearly 70%. Any film quality concerns are eliminated because each sheet is inspected when the kit is created. All of this means lower costs, reduced claims, less film waste, higher profits and happier customers.  

It is our experience that installation of Windshield Gard kits is best handeled by an auto dealer/detailer familiar with such products.  As such, we limit sales to dealers only.  

Here is a list of the Windshield Gard products we currently provide.  If you are a consumer who is interested in a Windshield Gard kit and do not have a preferred dealer/detailer who can order and install a kit for you, please send us a message via the "Contact page" and we will send you a name of a local provider.  

Windshield Gard Inventory list:  

Resilient and transparent, a very clear advantage for vehicle windows protected by Targe products. 


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