“The installation of the Targe Windshield Gard  kit made from ClearPlex film specifically for my Tesla Model X was very successful.  The Targe kit installed flawlessly, fit perfectly and looks great.  I can’t wait to have a steel bolt or rock strike my bullet-proof windshield.”

- M McCaslin | Tesla Model X satisfied Windshield Gard  customer

“I’ve used the ClearPlex film for years on my exotic car customers and they all love the product and appreciate the fact that they can keep their factory windshields looking like new on their prized possessions.” 

- Ryan Tounsley | President, Protective FilmSolutions, California & Arizona 

“ClearPlex…performed as advertised. There were many incidents of rocks and road debris hitting the windshields of the cars and the ClearPlex film protected the windshield. We encourage anyone who is considering using ClearPlex film to protect your fleet vehicles.” 

- Roger Zimmerman | Hertz Rent-A-Car, Denver International Airport