Installation & Maintenance


Instructions applicable to the installation of the Jeep, Mercedes G Class SUV, and Ford Bronco windshields.

Please read all written instruction as well as watch the demonstration video.


1: Before Starting
To ensure that the optical clarity is as good as possible, all of the steps during the installation of Windshield Gard must be done in as clean of an environment as possible. – Install Windshield Gard indoors, away from dirt and any significant air movement that might blow dust onto your window.

2: Installation Tools and Materials

  • Teflon Hard Card (included with the DIY Installation kit). Used to seal the edges – Squeegee (included with the DIY Installation kit). Used to clean the glass and smoothing out the film
  • White Scrub Pad (included with the DIY Installation kit). Best item for cleaning the windshield glass
  • Spray Bottle. Used to clean the windshield and spray on the slip solution. Not Included.
  • Cleaning Solution/Slip Solution. Johnson & Johnson Plain Baby Shampoo and Filtered or bottled distilled Water. (Not included) Used in the same proportions as with tint film in the geographic area of the installer (a few drops per 32 ounce spray bottle). If above 85 degrees F, more soap may be needed. In colder situations, less soap may be needed. If the film does not easily slide around the window during the “wet check” step, add more soap and test again until it can slide around the window easily. Do not attempt to use any other type of slip solution. For example, dish soap will ruin the adhesive. Tap water often has small particles that will be visible under the film if used for the slip solution.

3: Installation Process

Step 1: Using White Scrub Pad and Cleaning Solution, thoroughly clean the windshield. Also clean the side columns and the roof near the windshield. Make sure that the wipers are pulled back from the glass.

Step 2: If the windshield has a ceramic coating (or any other type of coating that leaves a residue, such as rain-X) on it, use 91% alcohol solution and a different White Scrub Pad to remove the coating.

Step 3: Re-wash the windshield

Step 4: Wet Check- Using the slip solution, the install squeegee and the film, with the liner still on, make sure that the film fits the windshield. Spray the windshield. Place the film on the glass, liner side against the glass. Spray the film and use your hand to remove all bubbles gently from underneath of the film. This step is to be sure that the film fits the glass. You should be able to remove all bubbles at this point and have the film stay suctioned to the windshield. If there is a problem, contact Targe Industries at 916-804-6607. If you proceed beyond this step and remove the liner without calling for support, we will not warranty any claims that the film did not fit.

Note that on some vehicles, there may be a cowling or gasket along one or more edges that the windshield needs to be “tucked” into. The film is cut to fit to within 1/8″ of the glass windshield all the way around, it is not cut to the edge of gaskets. Use the hard plastic edge of the blue hard card to tuck film as needed, or the tapered edge might slip under without needing to use a tool.

Step 5: Rewash the windshield once more.

Step 6: Remove the liner- Using the spray bottle and slip solution, have another person to help remove the liner. The assistant holds the film by two corners, liner side away from the assistant. Installer sprays the film very heavily. Installer sprays the assistant’s finger. Installer sprays his/her own fingers. Installer peels one of the top corners of the liner away from the film. Installer quickly, but carefully, pulls the liner away from the film, so as not to crease the film and be sure that nothing touches the adhesive.

Step 7: Spray the windshield with the slip solution. Installer grabs the corners of the film that the assistant is not holding. Lift the film over the wipers. Do not let the adhesive layer touch anything before laying it on the glass, adhesive side down. Make sure that the film is properly positioned on the glass

Step 8: Anchor the film to the windshield. Spray the surface of the film with the slip solution. The installer uses his/her hands to work out large air pockets by moving them to the edge of the film. Use the squeegee to lock the center of the film in place with 2 or 3 overlapping vertical strokes. Make sure that no air is left under the film and that the film has not shifted. Do not drive the vehicle for 24 hours while the film dries, and do no wash the vehicle for a few days to let the adhesive fully cure.

4: Videos
Refer to the individual videos for each step that can be located HERE