Why Targe?

Windshield Gard and Grab Gard protect your vehicle’s glass.

Our kits are pre-cut and pre-shrunk to fit your window, to ensure an easy and seamless install.

Windshield Gard prevents approximately 90% of broken windshields that would have occurred without the film. It is installed onto the outside of the windshield. A clear film, it is legal in all 50 states.

Grab Gard was born to prevent Smash-and-Grab break-in theft.  Grab Gard is applied to the outside of Tesla “wing” windows, the most commonly broken window by thieves. Grab Gard protects your valuables by making it almost impossible to break the glass.

These products are fabricated from the patented ClearPlex film, the first and most effective film available to protect vehicle glass from damage and breaking. It protects your vehicle glass while maintaining optical clarity; it is the best protection you cannot see.


Windshield Gard kits are an easy-to-use product installed on the exterior of the windshield to protect the windshield from breaking. Windshield Gard kits provide: